"Whenever I think I have a legal problem, I call James first."

I began working with James more than thirty years ago, first in connection with my mother’s business and estate planning. After my mother passed away, James guided us through the trust administration process with skill and compassion. Everything went smoothly and the estate was settled at a very reasonable cost.

After that, I asked James to help me with my personal estate planning. He put together a trust, will, durable power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive and several other documents. I dealt directly with James at every step of the way. Over the past several years, I have been back to James for various amendments to my trust.

Most recently, I retained James to assist me with the sale of a valuable parking lot business and the real estate where it was located. The buyers were represented by one of the large law firms in San Diego. James brought in another attorney who specialized in land use issues to help with certain aspects of the transaction. After months of negotiations, the deal that was finally signed was extremely favorable to me. Escrow closed, and the purchase price was paid to me shortly before the real estate market collapsed in 2008.

Whenever I think I have a legal problem, I call James first. If it is not something in one of his areas of specialty, he then refers me to another excellent lawyer who can help me.

-Debra M.

"He has been a valuable resource and solved many legal problems for us."

My wife and I own a very successful business. About ten years ago, James assisted us with the negotiations and documents required in connection with the purchase of the business. Since then, he has been a valuable resource and solved many legal problems for us. When the issue was not within his area of expertise, he has helped us to find other counsel.

As our business grew in value, we realized the need to do some estate planning. James set up a trust, wills and various other documents that will expedite the transfer of assets to our children, should anything happen to my wife or me.

-Paul D.

"If I ever have legal business in California again, I will call James."

I was designated as successor trustee of the trust of a close relative of mine. After she passed away, I retained James to help me with the trust administration process. He and his office staff were very helpful and accessible to me whenever I had questions. I live near Boston, Massachusetts, so most of our communications were done by phone, email or priority mail.

James referred me to a local realtor who helped us to sell the house that was a part of the trust estate. That realtor coordinated all of the repairs and other work necessary to prepare the house for sale. It sold quickly and at a very good price.

For the trust, we were required to prepare an accounting of all of my activities as trustee so that we could provide the information to the beneficiaries. James’s office assistant is very experienced in the preparation of accounting, so it was completed quickly and accurately.

I asked James if he could prepare a trust for me. He advised me that I would be better off hiring an attorney in Massachusetts where I live. If I ever have legal business in California again, I will call James.

-Michael T.

"The whole process, from beginning to end, took less than three weeks and was painless."

We found Mr. Duberg's website as a result of a Google search. My wife and I were interested in setting up a living trust. I spoke to him for a few minutes on the phone and was impressed with his manner and straight talk.

He sent me his client questionnaire by email on the same day. We completed it and returned it to him within a few days. We then had another phone conversation where Mr. Duberg asked us some more detailed questions and told us what he estimated the cost would be. We mailed him a check for one-half of the total fee. A week later, we received a first draft of all of the documents in the mail, along with a lengthy letter explaining them.

We called Mr. Duberg's office and set an appointment for discussion of the documents. He answered all of our questions and we made some small changes to the documents. At the conclusion of that meeting, we scheduled a final meeting about a week later to sign the documents. Mr. Duberg's assistant is a notary public, so she was able to notarize all the documents after we signed them.

The whole process, from beginning to end, took less than three weeks and was painless. We will call Mr. Duberg again if we have the need for legal services.

-Larry T.

"James was always available to answer my questions."

My parents initially hired James shortly after he opened his law practice in Chula Vista nearly forty years ago. I first met James at that time.

Over the years, he helped my parents with many legal issues, primarily relating to numerous parcels of real property that they owned and various aspects of their estate planning.

My parents have now passed away, and James helped me through the process of settling their estate. James had done a trust for them so we did not need to go through probate. However, their estate was substantial, and there were tax issues and many other details that had to be taken care of. In spite of that, it was all done in a reasonable amount of time. James was always available to answer my questions on the telephone on very short notice. 

To this day, I continue to work with James on my personal estate planning and when I have legal issues with the property I inherited from my parents.

-Chuck S.