Estate Planning

True estate planning is a means of defining personal values. Your legacy tells the story of your life and all that you have accomplished. Who you pass your legacy on to is a way of illustrating not only who you care about, but who you trust to shape the future with everything you have worked to build. Estate planning allows you to prioritize what you cherish most and to determine how you’d like it to be cared for in the years to come. It is imperative, then, to ensure not only that your financial resources are protected, but that you and your loved ones are empowered along every step of the way.

Secure Your Finances

By preparing for your passing in advance, you are able to shelter your family from unforeseen financial hardships. Inherited vehicles, real estate, bank accounts, investments, life insurance and personal possessions are all subject to state probate taxes and legal fees, potentially placing a burden on those you love most. Proper estate planning under the guidance of a seasoned attorney can ensure that your finances are budgeted effectively and that your family is left without any unnecessary stress.

Care for Those You Love

In addition, estate planning allows you to control how your beneficiaries are cared for once you’re gone. Without a documented plan, the state has a right to decrease funding for those on government subsidies, such as disability, when they receive an inheritance. Unless otherwise specified by the benefactor, the government will also seize control of all inheritances for minor family members. Don’t be one of the many who has fallen into these traps due to poor planning. You deserve to have a say in how your loved ones are provided for.

Conserve Your Business

Furthermore, if you have worked to establish a business, it is your right to solidify that it is passed on to those you trust. Estate planning is the easiest way to foster a handoff in ownership. My background in business entity formation has provided me with a solid understanding of business law and acumen, and I am confident that I can assist you in facilitating a smooth transition.

Your family legacy matters

Let’s design a plan

Estate Planning Benefits Everyone

Although estate planning is thought of as essential for those with large net worths, individuals with modest assets often benefit the most, as they can afford to lose the least. Without proper estate planning, probate laws will dictate when and to whom your assets are allocated, and they will increase costs tremendously. That’s why I am committed to designing plans that meet the individual needs of my clients.

Many dismiss these crucial preparations as tasks to undergo when they reach retirement. However, I assure you that it is best to form a plan early in your adult life. My approach to estate planning is fluid. I enjoy building relationships with my clients and adjusting their plans over time as their needs and priorities progress. Having a sense of peace about your future allows you to live freely in the present day. That’s the reason I have devoted my career to assisting families with estate planning in the Chula Vista community. I am here to be your adviser, your ally. Let’s build you and your family’s future together.

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You Can’t Predict the Future, But You Can Choose Who Guides You Along the Way

I have dedicated my career to helping people design their futures. No matter the circumstance, I am here to understand your situation, create a customized plan of action and help bring your goals to fruition. My primary areas of practice are estate planning, real estate transactions and small business formation. I have 42 years of experience serving the Chula Vista community, and I’d love to be an ally along your journey. Please visit my Contact Me page to schedule your consultation.